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Harder Built Construction LLC sells, and installs Radiant Heated Flooring Systems. We use “Warmly Yours” as our supplier of high-quality floor heating systems. Warmly Yours has been manufacturing and selling heated floor systems for over 20 years.

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About Warmly Yours

Frequently we are asked how we chose the name of our company, WarmlyYours. When we began as an electric radiant heating products business over 20 years ago, we wanted a name that would embody the very essence of our business philosophy – treat our customers well and offer the very best floor warming systems and services in the industry. And above all else, always deliver on those promises to you.

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant heat is a sustainable, healthy heat that is absorbed by the environment around it. Instead of overheating causing heat loss, radiant heat keeps areas warm longer and more consistently. Studies show that physical warmth improves a persons overall mood and well-being, it’s easy to see why radiant heating solutions have become as popular as they have. WarmlyYours is committed to providing homeowners with the luxury they’re looking for, all of our products supply comfortable, cozy warmth.

Why Install Electric Floor Heating?

Here are just a few reasons.

  • Comfort: The number one reason to install electric floor heating under a new floor is absolutely the comfort, a heated floor is literally luxury you can feel but you probably already knew that.
  • Safe: All of our electric floor heating products have been rigorously tested and are cULus or cCSAus listed.
  • Clean: Electric radiant floor heating is a very clean heat since it doesn’t rely on forced air, which can circulate dust and other allergens.
  • Saves Energy: Electric radiant floor heating has higher levels of energy efficiency than central air systems because it heats the people and objects in the room directly via infrared heat. Floor heating systems are also inexpensive to operate, you can heat a typical bathroom for pennies a day. For more information see Is Radiant Heat Energy Efficient?

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